How to apply for a savings account

If you have seen a savings account product on our website and want to apply, or you simply want to know more, we will help you every step of the way. This is what you need to do next.

By Post

Step 1 - Complete the required application form

If you know which savings account you want to apply for, you can download an application form.

Investment account application form (PDF)

Cash ISA application form

Junior Cash ISA application form

Help to Buy ISA application form

Step 2 - Complete the required CRS form

A CRS (Common Reporting Standard) Form must be completed in addition to the above. There are two types of form so please select the applicable form from below. 

Standard application

Individual form

Trustee for someone else

Controlling person form

Step 3 - Read the full product terms & conditions

For your own benefit and protection, before you complete the application form, you should read the full product terms & conditions carefully.

Terms and conditions

Step 4 - Read the FSCS information sheet

In addition to using the above application forms you will also need to understand the following FSCS Information Sheet.

The application form you have selected (above) must be signed once you have read and fully understood its content.

FSCS sheet

Step 5 - Check all required documentation and post to us

You will need to send in a cheque to provide your opening balance and proof of your identity with your application. Please see the list below for accepted proof of identity documentation.

Proof of identity by post

You may need to send further documents with your application form. Please check all forms carefully and ensure you provide full documentation before sending your application.

Transferring current ISA savings?

If you would like to transfer your current ISA savings, then you will need to fill in our Cash ISA Transfer Authority Form and return it to one of our branches with some identification.

Cash ISA transfer form

Let us send you an application pack

If you don't want to download and print these forms yourself we can send you an application pack with all the paperwork you need to complete.

Request an application pack

In Branch


Come in branch

Sometimes it's easier to discuss things face-to-face. All our branches have friendly Customer Service Consultants ready and waiting to talk. If you’d like to discuss your options or you think you need help in any way, call in at your local branch.

Branch Finder

Things to bring with you to branch

If you come into branch to open the account, there are some things you must bring with you.

A cheque or cash for at least the minimum investment, to open the account.

Proof of your name, for example a full UK passport or full driving licence.

Proof of your address, for example a bank statement, council tax or utility bill (less than three months old).

Your National Insurance (NI) number is required to open a Cash ISA or a Help To Buy ISA.

Proof of identity in branch

Want to speak to a friendly staff member?

Sometimes it's easier to discuss things face-to-face. All our branches have staff ready and waiting to talk. If you’d like to discuss your options or you think you need help, call in at your local branch.

Branch finder

Alternatively call our enquiries line between:

9am and 5pm Monday to Friday (9:30am and 5pm Tuesday) or
9am and 12pm on Saturday

Our staff will be more than happy to help with any questions or queries