The Board Committees

The day to day management of the Society is done by the Senior Management, but the Board does operate four sub-committees to deal with specific issues.

The Board

The Society is run by a Board of Directors which comprises both executive and non-executive directors.

Audit Committee

Our Audit Committee considers matters relating to internal and external audit arrangements, systems of control, prudential, regulatory and compliance issues in respect of the Group. The committee meets at least four times a year.

Nominations and Governance Committee

Our Nominations and Governance Committee considers board succession planning, including the composition of the Society’s board, the boards of connected undertakings and board sub-committees. The committee meets at least once a year.

Remuneration Committee

Our Remuneration Committee considers the remuneration and contractual arrangements of the non-executive directors, executive directors and executive committee. The committee meets at least twice a year.

Risk and Compliance Committee

Our Risk and Compliance Committee considers whether the Society is continuing to treat its members fairly. The committee meets at least four times a year.

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